Firmware 8.1.0 RC 3

We’re happy to announce that the Firmware 8.1.0 RC 3 is now available.

Supported models:
X Series, Balance, MAX, UBR, SpeedFusion Engine, FusionHub, Surf SOHO

Download Release Notes

Download the Firmware

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Here are the differences over RC2 that I was able to spot:

Feature Improvements:

[Firewall] Added an icon on Firewall rule in order to
indicate that Firewall Logging is enabled

[Ignition Sensing] Added Ignition Sensing support on

[Serial Port] Added support for accessing the serial
interface via the CLI and Web CLI of InControl 2.
(Remark: Both Admin and Read Only Users can access
the serial interface via CLI and Web CLI of InControl 2)

22222 [System] Added Support for Session Logging

Resolved Issues:

23163 [Cellular] Fixed an issue where the device is unable to Balance: 30 LTE/Pro
read large amounts of SMS

[HA] Fixed an issue where the device takes too much
time to assume Master role when the it has more than
300 VLANs

[OpenVPN] Fixed an issue where the MS-CHAPv2
Authentication method does not work

[PepVPN] Fixed an issue of Bandwidth Limit does not
work on Layer 2 PepVPN

[Web UI] Fixed an issue where the “Apply Changes”
button does not function when there are config changes

[Wi-Fi WAN] Fixed the issue of incorrect cutoff signal

[Wi-Fi WAN] Fixed the issues of scan penalty applied
when roaming is enabled

Known Issues
[AP Controller] AP Controller supports up to one
firmware pack only


Hi team,

It would be really useful if there was a list of actual changes that have been made between the beta/RC builds on each release. This would mean that we can check what bugs were found and fixed between builds so we know if there is anything that affects us.

It would also be really cool if the list of special builds of each firmware could be made available to partners. Having visabilty of the special build status (is it included in x.y firmware) would be great as well.

This would be great for reducing the number of tickets that get raised for repeat issues, or issues that are already fixed in the next build or special build.



@james.webster1 Agreed!
If there a bug tracker that is available as well that would be great!

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I agree with this

I have spent quite a lot of time testing 8.x builds and would like to continue to do so but its very hard to test when you dont know what has changed between Beta or RC builds

Special firmwares list is also of interest.

Finally, a huge thank you to the Peplink team for listening to feature requests, fixing problems, etc. Awesome robust software!


actually having the bug tracker visible would be really useful, especially if the bugs have the links to the firmware where the fix is available.

Something Cisco does Support - Bug Search Tool Help - Cisco

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This is definitely not fixed in RC3, I just had a weird situation where it wasn’t working. Let me see if I can reproduce it.

Edit: after playing with it, I think the issue is that sometimes there’s a 3-5 second delay before the Apply Changes button lights up. I’m seeing it sometimes after changing the WAN / Download Bandwidth value and clicking Save. When I do this repeatedly, sometimes the Apply Changes button lights up immediately, and sometimes there’s a delay. THis is on Safari 13.1.2.

Hello @soylentgreen,
The best two browsers we have found for working with Peplink|Pepwave devices are Chrome & Firefox (across all operating systems). Apple’s Safari and Windows Edge just do not hold up or work as well, also keep your plugins to your browsers to a minimum. This also applies to most other brands of networking devices out there.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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In Status → Client List, the MAC address column is completely blank in RC3. Verified on MAX Transit CAT18 and MAX HD1 Dome.

@stevemitchell, this is acknowledged. I will report to the engineering team. Thanks for reporting this.


@stevemitchell Thanks for the issue reported and we have found the glitch on UI. The fix is under review and ideally, we could release an update as 8.1.0 RC4. Stay tuned.



I noticed in testing with RC3 that our Balance 20X UI is not reflecting that the standby connection is in use.

Consider this screen shot:

According to the screenshot, Internal Cellular is active and Cat-18 is in Standby. But in reality the internal cellular connection is down, and all data (as verified by traffic shown on the status tab) is going over the Cat-18 cellular.

If people have an expensive or limited backup connection - this UX failure could be costly if someone does not realize that their backup connection is in use.

  • Chris
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Update to this bug report - I discovered that there was an outbound rule directing traffic over the Cat-18 connection. It doesn’t seem that traffic should be able to be routed to a connection that is labeled as not active in the UI, so I do think the UI should be clearer.

But once I removed the rule - traffic behaved as expected.

  • Chris
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@Technomadia, the Cat18 cellular WAN is in hot standby. It will not route LAN traffic by default unless you create an outbound policy to force the LAN traffic to it for certain reason. You may change the cellular WAN from hot standby to cold standby (“Details” of cellular WAN > Standby State = Disconnect) when it is needed.

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I can confirm that I have mich more issues with RC3 not detecting changes and to enable the „Apply Changes“ button, too, in comparison with RC1. It got worse…
Using current Firefox to admin a Balance One Router.

[OpenVPN] It is still not possible to login remotely via VPN and to access the main router‘s web UI then. Even though OpenVPN and DHCP provide me an IP address in the same untagged LAN. A bug investigated and filed weeks ago with Rockas from PL support team for my balance one router.