Firmware 8.1.0 Beta 1

@Venn: Very interesting that your tools shows plain text interface names (Flow types) instead of just numbers as the Solarwind free netflow tool shows me. Is the peplink device providing this plain text or did you assign it (if yes, how? via Application Mapping of Solarwind’s tool)?

How to know which netflow Interface represents my Balance One’s WAN, LAN, WAN1, WAN2…?
@MartinLangmaid: Meanwhile I found out, that it seems to be sufficient, to just use the following interface config parameters in the Solarwind free netflow tool to read out my Balance one’s netflow (if activated via it’s support page).
So I did not need to set any SNMP config at the Balance one at all. See screenshots.

Solarwind seems to support v9 protocol meanwhile:
Netflow Enabled

I simply connect it and after a few seconds, interfaces are renamed automatically.

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You need to enable SNMP as suggested by @MartinLangmaid inorder the interface name can be obtained via SNMP. Solarwind tools a bit unique that work as SNMP poller and Netflow collector at the same times.

Hope this well explained the issue.