Firmware 8.0.1 Public Beta 2

We’re happy to announce that the Firmware 8.0.1 Beta 2 is now available.

Supported models:
EPX, Balance, MAX, SpeedFusion Engine, FusionHub, Surf SOHO

Download Release Notes

Download the Beta Firmware


Access is denied on the pdf in the shortcut but works on the beta page.

[FusionHub] Added Layer 2 SpeedFusion Support FusionHub :+1::+1::+1:

Is a LAN interface mandatory? Is it supported on AWS and other public clouds?


Hi PG:

You should be able to get the Beta 2 Release Notes now from the original link. Let us know if you got issues at all.



All good now


You can expose the FH Layer 2 settings from the SpeedFusion page, not the LAN page on the MAX/Balance routers. I haven’t had a chance to try this out yet, so please share your experiences :slight_smile:


Ok ! another treasure chest hidden behind a big “?” :grinning:

I’ll play with it a bit and give feedback. Balance L2 had some limitations in multi customers deployments. Let’s hope this will help.


Beta firmware upgrade went very smooth but I am unable to find the page with the PepVPN settings.

I am running Solo_VPN so not sure if that is the issue or not?

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Note that the new local service firewall rules solve the problems with failing PCI compliance scans, as well as actually improving security/eliminate DOS attacks on those ports.

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Loaded new firmware and have a bug. I clicked the “details” button for my WiFi as WAN 2.4 GHz connection and its stuck trying to load the page (see attached screenshot).

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Does this beta support remote SIMs?
Love the features been added!


Can we combine L2 and VRF? To have on the same hub multiple l2 customers fully isolated.

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another bug that i have discovered… i turned remote assistance off earlier… and now its back on by itself…

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Additional information about Layer 2 SpeedFusion on FusionHub:


Hello and Good Day to All.
Update to firmware on Surf soho MK3 is a go.
So far so good.
But what’s the deal with the firmware will expire message at the bottom of the dashboard page?

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This is a beta and not intended for long-term “production” use. A GA release will be out long before then. FW that expires is generally intended to save people from themselves. :grinning:


Upgrade to 70+ devices went well. Ran a Trustwave PCI compliance scan and passed.


[Updated diagnostic - Tunnelblick works on MacOS. Consolidated the failure case to one]

Possible OpenVPN server bug.
This is not based on a thorough and systematic empirical regime - consider it somewhat anecdotal.

FusionHub Solo deployed on upCloud instances.
Remote access turned on.
iOS and MacOS client devices:
MacOS Mojave 10.14.5 (18F132)
iOS 12.4
MacOS client/OpenVPN Connect v.
MacOS client/Tunnelblick v. 3.8.0 (build 5370)
iOS OpenVPN Connect client v. 3.0.2 (894)

Remote access using L2TP with IPsec.
Two are leaves in a hub, one with “send all traffic to the hub” on, the other being off. The third is a stand-alone (no SpeedFusion connections)
They function just fine (mostly - see below).
The connections used to be somewhat unstable, but with 8.0.1b2 the L2TP connection stability has improved significantly.

OpenVPN Connect client fails:
Change the remote access server from L2TP to OpenVPN.
Download the “route_all_traffic” profile
MacOS client/Tunnelblick:
The connection is established and works well

MacOS client/OpenVPN Connect v
The connection does not get established. Times out and dies.

iOS OpenVPN Connect client: The connection does not get established.

Sanity check:
Enabled OpenVPN on a Balance One FW 8.0.0 with a SpeedFusion connection.
MacOS client/Tunnelblick:
The connection is established and works well

OpenVPN clients (iOS and MacOS):
The connection does not get established.

OpenVPN Connect clients on iOS and MacOS do connect to other OpenVPN servers.

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@zegor_mjol, we tested OpenVPN is working fine with FusionHub 8.0.1b02. Do you mind to open ticket for us to investigate? Please attention the ticket to me.


Done. Ticket # 9080579
[With a slightly modified diagnostic - I was able to get Tunnelblick to work on iOS after a bit of tidying up on the Mac side. The OpenVPN Connect client still refuses to work, on both MacOS and iOS]

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