Firmware 8.0.0 RC6 for EPX

We are pleased to announce Firmware 8.0.0 RC6 for EPX.


  • EPX UI Enhancement for the Dashboard, and WAN & LAN Port Settings. Module illustrations enable you to easily visualize the connected modules and select specific interfaces.

Changes since RC5:

  • Fixed the issue of PoE does not work on 8-port Ethernet Module.

Download the Firmware

Hello Lai,
Can you tell us more around the

As an example we have a Device Connector attached to one of the ports configured as a WAN, the Device Connector can operate by PoE, yet when the port is in WAN mode, you can not supply PoE from the WAN Port. If we use a Peplink SD-Switch, we can PoE the Device Connector from any SD-Switch port and using VLANs plus a patch cable connect it into the EPX, though we would like to reduce the complexities and connected directly to the switch.

If we have missed something in the configuration pages, please let us know.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

The issue is PoE power output may be ON or OFF by default, you cannot control ON and OFF state from Web UI.

If you are looking for PoE output on Ethernet WAN, it would be a feature request.

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