Firmware 8.0.0 RC4


We are pleased to announce the Firmware 8.0.0 RC4 .

Supported models:
EPX, Balance, MAX, SpeedFusion Engine, FusionHub, Surf SOHO

Here are Release Notes .

Head over to Beta Firmware download page and get yours now!

Wi-Fi Calling operational issues in routers when blocking IPSec
Firmware 8.0.0 RC3

Thank you

Can you please highlight differences from RC3 to make it easier to test things that have changed?

So far I have noticed RC4 seems snappier and the https stop working is resolved.

Thanks again!

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This was the only new feature, feature improvement or resolved issue in the release notes:

Not sure what else changed.

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atlast the address-list implemented!


Firmware 8.0.0 RC4 runs at 20-30% slower for maximum wireless download speeds on Surf SOHO MK3 than firmware 7.1.2. My tests are run one after the other (with no changes to the router config) and using multiple download sources. I know this probably sounds like a “stupid user” problem (and it might be) but I’m submitting this to be helpful. I have no problem using 7.1.2 and will continue to do so if 8.0.0 runs slower.
I submitted this comment before for RC3 and there was no response, and it wasn’t fixed in RC4. Will not be posting about this again.

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@rmrcu10, do you mind to share your test setup and steps with us? As we would definitely want to get to the bottom of the reported symptom.

Or, if you could submit a support ticket here with the details, for our team to follow up, it would be much appreciated.

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Hi WeiMing. Submitted the info in ticket 9040528.
Hope it helps.


Updated a Balance 210 hw4 from 8.0.0b02 build 4118 to 8.0.0 RC4 and could not connect in again with OpenVPN. Rebooted back to b02 and it works. Any Ideas??


@Robert_Bidewell, did you download the OpenVPN client profile again after upgraded to RC4? The OpenVPN client profile from b02 might not be compatible to RC4, so would you please try again?

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Configure Remote User Access using OpenVPN

Yes I downloaded both of them. Spilt_tunnel and route_all_traffic, tried both of them. The openvpn client just timed out.



Would you please open a support ticket here for support to investigate ?

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Do you opened the support ticket ?

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