Firmware 8.0.0 RC3


We are pleased to announce the Firmware 8.0.0 RC3.

Supported models:
EPX, Balance, MAX, SpeedFusion Engine, FusionHub, Surf SOHO

Here are the Release Notes.

Head over to Beta Firmware download page and get yours now!


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Thank you. Can you please highlight the differences between RC2 and RC3?



Here’s what I found.



Thank you!

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I have been doing some additional testing. Further to my posts in the RC2 thread, I do think there is something wrong with WiFi as WAN. I did a simple test this evening: two strong signal SSIDs, connected to one then the other so the connections were saved. While connected to one SSID, I unplugged the AP serving it. The Pepwave MK2 switched to “Scanning…” and never connected to the other strong signal SSID I had saved. I was able to connect to it with my phone without issue and it tested fine so it was certainly available to be connected to.

I also think some clarification is needed on a few things:

  1. Does the “same channel” restriction apply to both the basic roaming as well as advanced roaming?
  2. What exactly does “signal level threshold” mean? Does that mean the signal in which the device will refuse to connect or the signal at which the device will start scanning for a better signal AP?
  3. What does “signal level gain” mean? I dont see it defined nor documented in the tool tips nor manual. It looks to accept values of 5 to 55.

Further, I am still having issues when trying to disconnect/connect to WiFi as WAN networks where in the device refuses to disconnect or connect to a different SSID. I have to drag the entire WiFi as WAN connection down to disabled, wait for it to disable, and then drag it back up to priority 1 or reboot the device. Possibly another bug…

Finally, how is the device designed if a health check finds WiFi as WAN as failing health check? Will it stay connected to the AP just take the interface down or is it possible to scan for an available network with connectivity instead? Possible feature request if this option does not exist…

Thank you for your investigation into this

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When are you expecting 8.0 to finish beta/RC and move to general release?





We are expecting 8.0 will be moved to GA in next week.



Max wireless download speeds on my SURF SOHO MK3 are 20% slower on 8.0 RC3 than 7.1.2 without any config changes. Am I doing something wrong?



I wish someone would help me with the issues that I am having before moving to GA… I have an open ticket right now…

I have done quite a bit of testing…

I am still experiencing issue where the MK2 will not connect to another SSID automatically for WiFi as WAN. I again tested connecting to one SSID, unplugging it, and it gets stuck in “scanning…” and does not connect to another available SSID for which I have saved the connection. See screenshot attached here.

I am finding that the MK2 stops passing internet traffic for some reason. Its happening on both WiFi and Cellular connections. Ping goes through but websites will not resolve. Multiple devices say there is no internet connectivity. Disabling and re-enabling the interface does not seem to help. I did not have these issues in RC2 as far as I know. It seems only a hard reboot solves, until it happens again. The device is currently in this state if someone wants to remote in to see what is going on…

I am also still having issue connecting to another SSID while its already connected to one. For example right now its connected to SSID A but I want to connect to SSID B. I press Connect and it either stays on SSID A or says Connecting…


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@mystery, your ticket has been followed up by our partner. We will step in to help when needed.


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Hi Guys,

we are interested to try speedfusion on the TCP port. the question is that do we need to upgrade the FusionHub also to firmware 8?




Thanks but I think they said they were passing it back to you guys. The device is still stuck in the state that it is not passing internet traffic to any LAN devices. In case someone wants to take a look I enabled remote assistance but not sure that it will work in this state. This has happened several times while testing 8.0 and only fixed with a complete reboot which is not good. As this device is in a lab/test environment at the moment (hoping to deploy in the next week or two) I am holding off rebooting so someone can take a look and capture logs.




We have a Wifi problem with firmware v8.0.0. One of our customers is using a SSID on a Vlan and Radius authentication. Every works fine with firmware 7.1.2 but after upgrading to v8.0.0 it becomes impossible to connect on the wifi (timeout). Downgrading to v7.1.2 solves the problem. This is happening on a HD4 and we tried with 2 different devices.

Kind regards,



Peplink team - I am hoping someone can please respond to the ticket I have had logged for a while now. I am worried that 8.0 is going to go to GA with WiFi as WAN issues (and even general issues with the device stopping passing internet traffic). I have left the device so you can take a look but cannot leave it where it is and in the state it is in indefinitely and may need to unplug and relocate it soon. The issues I described above were tested multiple times (repeatable). I think things were working more smoothly in 7.1.2 and earlier 8.0 RC but not positive. Thank you



Hi Sven,

We re-tested SSID VLAN and RADIUS authentication on HD4 with latest RC (8.0.0 build 4192), it works fine.
Could you please open a support ticket so that we can get more details from you?


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Thank you Lewis. I will open a ticket because it’s a configuration with Radius access through a pepvpn and then from the fusionhub to customer with IPSEC.



Peplink confirmed one of my issues as a bug (https traffic stops working when cellular WAN connection is moved to disabled and back to enabled although I think its also impacting http). Still trying to get confirmation on the other (wifi) issues. Hoping can be corrected before 8.0 goes to GA.



Hello Peplink Team,
DDNS event logs visible on the router are not showing up in InControl2.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:



It has been fixed and we will release 8.0.0 RC4 very soon.

I am able to reproduce the issue and it has been escalated to the relevant team for the rectification.