Firmware 7 Beta is Now Available!

This is Big, This is 7.

With Firmware 7, everything is better. MAX single cellular routers have a lot of added functionality. Dual-radio devices can now do simultaneous Wi-Fi WAN. The Port-Based VLAN feature is now available for more devices, and out-of-band management is possible for UART enabled devices.

  • Enhanced Functionality for Single Cellular Routers: The BR1, BR1 Slim, and MAX Transit are now equipped with SpeedFusion WAN Smoothing, Load Balancing, and High Availability! This makes them much more powerful contenders in the single-cellular market.

  • Simultaneous Wi-Fi WAN: For the Surf SOHO MK3 and the MAX Transit, the 2.4GHz and 5GHz radios can both operate as Wi-Fi WAN.

  • Extended Support for Port-Based VLAN: The Port-Based VLAN feature has been extended to a number of Balance models.

  • Out-of-Band Management Support: UART enabled devices can now be used to perform Out-of-Band Management, remotely accessing another device even if it loses connectivity.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Take a look at our release notes to see all the improvements we’ve made. Play around with it and let us know what you think!

The Peplink Team

Download Firmware 7 Beta


Many thanks for including the suggested HA/VRRP changes :grinning:

Cannot seem to change the WAN Connection Name on a Balance One router running the Beta 7 firmware. It keeps defaulting back to “WAN 1”. No amount of saving or rebooting makes it take the new name.

Thank you for reporting issue. We are checking on it now.

Hi Guys.
Same issue here on a Balance ONE Core.
Also when I’m hitting apply its disconnecting the WAN.
Thank You


I am trying to install this Beta firmware 7 on a MAX BR1, but it says “invalid”?
I’m running now 6.3.3 build 2252, and connected with a UTP cable
The firmware I selected: fw-max_br1_br2-7.0.0b01-build2390.bin

What can be wrong?

To complete the issue:

WAN name changing issue has been fixed and will be included in coming beta/rc firmware.

For the disconnecting the WAN, it seems to be another issue. But what did you change and need to apply configuration?

May I know which Hardware Revision of your BR1 unit? Please be reminded that 7.0.0 does not support BR1 HW1.

Please refer the following article to check the hardware revision.

I was just testing the issue mentioned by Xerxes and found that upon clicking apply settings, the name change would not work and the WAN would disconnect then reconnect. The Balance ONE Core has a public IP address as the providers router is in bridge mode.
Another issue I have had is the router has rebooted its self twice in the last 24 hours. Both times there where no settings changed on the router and minimum load on the WAN.
Thank You

MAX BR1 HW1 does not support 7.0.0. The latest firmware of this hardware revision is 6.3.3.

Sorry, a bit confusing, did not read the word NOT

Hi Guys
Love the logging of users log in and out but it is missing the logging of InControl2 logins!

Any chance of adding IC2 login’s?

Thank You

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Noted. We will see what we can do.

We will improve the text to avoid the confusion. Thanks.

I hope this firmware will become available soon for the other devices

Testing has been going well with this beta. We typically find that Peplink Betas are very stable.

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I have a question about FW release 7 and the end of support for hardware.
The Peplink website mentions that only “Firmware 6.x maintenance releases” will be supporting older hardware.

Can you please let us know when the following HW versions will no
longer be supported by Peplink? We need that information because we need to
be able to plan migration to other hardware.

  • Balance 305 HW1

  • Balance 380 HW3-5

  • Balance 580 HW1

  • Balance 710 HW 1-2

  • Balance 1350 HW1

  • MAX BR1 HW1

  • MAX On-The-Go HW 1

  • Surf SOHO HW1

  • BR1 and BR2 IP55


Right now, we have no plan to discontinue the support for these models. We know our customer base demands long-term reliability and support of our products. Therefore, as long as the products are in-warranty, we will provide the needed support.

Thanks Keith,
When the time comes that Peplink decides support of any hardware must discontinue, what is the minimum lead time we will be given ?