Firmware 7.1 is now in GA!



@mldowling, I have provided my answer in ticket#777636. WINS is not supported in BR1 series.

For DPI report, I will reconfirm again.



Thanks @TK_Liew & @Eddy_Yeung,
We have created a feature request for the WINS Server in the MAX BR1 ENT.

@Eddy_Yeung, I am unsure if there has previously been a WINS Server, it is unlikely it existed previously…

@TK_Liew, thanks for looking again into the DPI Report option.

Appreciate your assistance,
Marcus :slight_smile:


We have noticed that in 7.1.0, we can no longer view the AP controller password for external APs under “Web Administration Settings (on External AP)”



In the past there was a little “Hide Characters” button below the password field as in the image above.

Have seen this on a Balance ONE and Transit DUO

Thank You


@GNO-2014, Thanks for reporting this. We have filed this bug and we will fix this in the coming firmware release.