Hello Peplink Engineering,
We would like to put forward a feature request to have a WINS Server included in the MAX BR1 ENT please.
Naturally if there is a technical limitation within the device prevent this then we understand why the feature is not available.
Appreciate your assistance,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Firmware 7.1 is now in GA!

Hello Peplink Team,
Is it possible to have WINS support added to the Pepwave MAX BR1 ENT in the near future?

This is one of the models we currently have out there that we would be interested in seeing WINS on.
Model: Pepwave MAX BR1 ENT
Product Code: MAX-BR1-ENT-LTEA-P
Hardware Revision: 1
Firmware: 7.1.1 build 3775

Is it worth asking the question, is WINS outdated and no longer required for modern networks?

This request was first mentioned in a previous thread at Firmware 7.1 is now in GA!

Appreciate your assistance,
Marcus :slight_smile:

WINS support for Pepwave MAX BR1 MK2

@mldowling You can download this special build 7.1.1s037 with WINS support.