Firmware 7.1 is now in GA!



@achachej I may @ the wrong forum user name.

mldowling actually asking about the default MTU request.


Hello @achachej,
This is the post (earlier on in the forum) that @sitloongs is referring to where we spoke about the MTU settings.

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Wondering why the Default Outbound policy rule has to be on “Auto” in order to get info for the WAN Quality tab on Status…


Dear All, after the firmware update the performance wifi are no good… I’ve try to reconfigure but without solution.
Before with 5ghz 178mbit down and 48upload. Now 30mbit download.
Any idea? Thanks in advanced.


Just to confirm when you downgrade using the previous firmware , immediately you can get 5ghz 178mbit down and 48upload (Make sure the same 5Ghz channel is use) ? If yes, please open a support ticket here for support team to check.


For Firmware 7.1 implementation, “at least a single Lowest Latency Outbound Policy need to defined” or "Default Outbound Policy is set to auto in-order to get the statistic for the WAN Quality report.

Sample WAN Quality report:


We may change/improve this in future firmware so that user can have better control over the WAN Quality report

"No Latency Information" under WAN quality?

Hi Team,
We’ve noticed that in the 7.1.0 firmware we cannot rearrange the WAN priority on the dashboard yet the Priority levels remain listed. Not sure if the Priority levels should be changed to read WAN1, Cell1 etc to match the Balance line, or if the inability to drag them was unintended. I have particularly seen this on the Transit and the BR1.
In the example below, we were unable to move the cellular WAN to priority one and have the Wired WAN as a backup.



I am using BR1 firmware 7.1.0 and I don’t have such a problem. I can prioritize the connections by selecting them from the left side of the bar. With previous versions you could move from any point of the bar.



Thanks @gorka_iza, I appreciate the help, that’s exactly what I was missing. It’s changed a little, but the functionality is still there.


Hello @sitloongs,
We have just noticed the the DPI functionality is not working for the MAX BR1 ENT in 7.1.0, there is a thread on this with @TK_Liew that mentioned this would be available in 7.1.0.

Also the WINS Servers option is missing for the LAN connections in the MAX BR! ENT in firmware 7.1.0, can we seek getting that added to?
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Hi Marcus,

For BR1 ENT and BR1 series, we don’t support WINS. Do you mean you have that before but missing on 7.1.0!?



@mldowling, I have provided my answer in ticket#777636. WINS is not supported in BR1 series.

For DPI report, I will reconfirm again.



Thanks @TK_Liew & @Eddy_Yeung,
We have created a feature request for the WINS Server in the MAX BR1 ENT.

@Eddy_Yeung, I am unsure if there has previously been a WINS Server, it is unlikely it existed previously…

@TK_Liew, thanks for looking again into the DPI Report option.

Appreciate your assistance,
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We have noticed that in 7.1.0, we can no longer view the AP controller password for external APs under “Web Administration Settings (on External AP)”



In the past there was a little “Hide Characters” button below the password field as in the image above.

Have seen this on a Balance ONE and Transit DUO

Thank You


@GNO-2014, Thanks for reporting this. We have filed this bug and we will fix this in the coming firmware release.



Bug in Firewall->Access Rules can’t change priory rules (not show save and Apply Changes)


Hi all,

Below is the special firmware to fix the problem can’t change the sequence of the firewall rule.

Balance 20/30
Balance 210/310 Hw2-3
Max 700/HD2
Max BR1 MK2/Hotspot/SOHO MK3
Max BR1/BR2
Max On the Go
Balance 305/380/580/710/1350/2500
Balance One/210 Hw4/310 Hw4/BR1 ENT/Max Transit/700 Hw3/HD2 Mini/HD4

Can't rearrange access rules 7.1.0
Firewall rule order not being saved

For an HD2 IP67 - the HD2 firmware or HD2 Mini firmware (or something else)?





Just to nail it:

For the MAX HD2 IP67 HW_3_?