Firewall rule management in InControl2

Firewall rule management in InControl2 allows you to upload a configuration file saved from a device, view or optionally change the rules’ schedule, and then apply these rules to one, or multiple devices.

To configure the Firewall rules:

Configure the Firewall rules on the web admin interface of one of your Peplink routers.

Download the configuration file from the router containing the Firewall Rules that you want to apply to other Peplink routers in your network.

In the correct InControl2 organization select: Group settings > Network settings > Firewall Rules.

Tick the box to Manage the Firewall Rules on Balance and Max devices

Click the “Import Rule Set from Configuration File” button.

A window will pop up showing all the Firewall Rules available in that configuration file.
This will create a new Firewall Rule Set when saved.
Before saving select the options to enable or disable individual firewall rules.
Select if the rule set should be applied to All Balance and Max devices or a selection of your devices using ‘tags’.

After being saved the rule set will be available from the main Firewall section in InControl2 .

This feature is available in InControl since version 2.5.1


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Glad this was implemented but wonder if there is anyway to make changes outside of the GUI. If we could just export the rules as a text file so we can edit it much more efficiently. I ask because I made a bunch of rules in the wrong section (inbound vs internal for PepVPN rules) and can’t move them between the firewall sets.

Hi Brian,

At the moment there is no way to make the firewall changes outside of the GUI and no immediate plans to implement this.
Importing text files would leave more room for errors since the firewall rules config needs to be in a specific format, but if you have suggestions for improving the way this could work please add your request as a post to the “feature request” category.

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