Feedback for the new forum

The new forum looks nicer and has some good features, but I am focusing on the part that needs improvement below.

  1. “Categories” in the home page.

Now we have LATEST | TRENDING | UNREAD| TAGS in the home page. I think we need “Categories” on the top as well.

Right now the only way I can access categories is clicking on my own portrait icon, but this is not obvious for new users.

Since the forum has so many posts now and you don’t give a way to quickly jump over to a historical post, without “Categories”, it will be very very hard to look for a post I viewed before.

  1. When selecting “View ALL” button, I get to see some popular categories and tags on the left panel, however, because the post lists are loading dynamically (on-demand) on the right panel, that makes it impossible to scroll to the bottom or top of the left panel. This is very annoying.

  2. This editor of new posts breaks one word across line-breaks. For example, when I write the word “this” and if it gets to the end of the line in the editor window, it shows as “th” at the end of one line, and “is” at the start of the next line. This is pretty bad.

  3. I can see the “advanced search function” now, but I hope it is more accessible to new users, since I think this is the most useful function for new users (who has the time to go over thousands of posts?). Also, I think there should be a choice for “last year” in the time frame selection box.

  4. When switching from “LATEST” to “TRENDING”, it takes 2 seconds delay. If you can somehow cache it and make it faster, it would be better.

Thanks, I will add more to the list if I find any. So far, I have seen some great things in the new forum, and hopefully it will get even better!


Hi Dajian 888,

Thank you for bringing our attention to some key areas, that need addressing.

Where possible we have made changes before we publicly announce the launch. For more major changes, we will complete this in the coming days/weeks. We aim to improve this platform continuously, based on valuable feedback from users like yourself.

We appreciate your patience & understanding!


If I’m not mistaken in the previous forum software when you clicked “Unread” across the top you were shown only unread topics that you were “Tracking”. Right now it appears I’m seeing unread topic is all categories. Is this behavior still in the works as part of the migration? I hope so. Also there was a “New” button across the top. I don’t recall exactly what it did though. And finally, is the any way to reduce (customize) the massive amount of white space on the “Latest”, “Trending” and “Unread” pages

EDIT: I found it after clicking the magnifying glass THEN clicking in the black area to get a prompt. A black text entry box inside of a black background. Let’s use some colors here.

@dajian888 Where did you find the “advanced search function”?

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@Shereen I think making “advanced search function” obvious and easily accessible to all users is very important. People like me and @festus77 spent a lot time looking for this tool and it took a lot of effort to find it.


Am I the only one that thinks the “Last Activity” date should be the last time someone posted to that topic, NOT the “Created on” date?

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Noted, will work with the developers to see what can be done.

The “UNREAD” page now shows only categories that I am tracking - thank you for this change !!!

Are there plans to be able to mark all topics or select topics on any page as READ? Right now you have to actually open a topic in order for it to be marked as READ. There are 1,000’s of them :frowning:

Would it be possible to include this top line on ALL pages everywhere in the forum?