Feature Requests for InControl2 and Captive Porthole


Hello Peplink Engineering,
We have some additional features we would like to request for InControl2 with the Captive Porthole features.

Ability to:

  • Link to a preview page like https://goo.gl/SPL3fb so to allow sharing of a page with a client without the need to have them on the network giving the client the ability to preview and test pages.
  • Schedule a hourly/daily/weekly export of Captive Porthole data as CSV & XML
  • Tile/fit (auto-resize)/centre (or top left, top right, bottom right, bottom left) the background image
  • Format the text of the Terms & conditions with simple formatting like Bold, Underline, Italic, Left/Center/Right/Underline using textile text (http://redcloth.org/textile/html-integration-and-escapement/)
  • Make the Social Options/Connect Buttons/Sign In so they are greyed out until the Terms and conditions are ticked
  • Set the colours for the buttons individually including the colour the button changes to when the mouse is moved over the button or the button is pressed (currently they go are a blue colour)
  • Be able to edit/amend the “terms and conditions” used with the Social Connect Tab
  • Be able to edit/amend the “Privacy Policy” used with any tab
  • Be able to have up multiple Captive Portholes (say up to three (3) to get started with) tied to VLAN & SSIDs on Balance One and Balance 380 ad above routers

For Paid services or an extra fee:

  • Supply our own domains for use with the Captive Porthole
  • Be able to change the Powered by Peplink” to our own choice of text & logo

Also we’d like to look at using our own SMS gateway from SMSGlobal (https://www.smsglobal.com), they integrate well here in Australia with all of the carriers and do international services very well also.

One more feature we’d like to look at is being able to monetise the network connection, that is where people need to, through something like a captive porthole, pay for internet access with a payment services such as PayPal, previously we have been using hardware like the NetComm HS1200N (http://www.netcommwireless.com/product/wireless-n-hotspot) and Tomizone (https://www.tomizone.com/) and are aware of other services/equipment too for doing this, though we’d like to move this over to Peplink also, this would be very useful for User Pay subscriber networks.

It is possible we realise that some of this may have already been requested or doable, just we have not yet worked out how.

Appreciate your assistance,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Captive Portal - Additional Quota Options - To be managed from InControl2

Hello Peplink Engineering,
Another feature to add would be the ability to download the settings (and graphics) into a ZIP file that can then be uploaded allowing the copying of captive portholes, this would also allow for the creation of templates. We currently are looking at two customers each with about a dozen sites, a way to copy or create a template will save a lot of programming time and reduce the chance of manual data entry errors.

It would also make a lot of sense to be able to make the Captive Portholes & VLANs at an Organisational Level where you can then in the group management choose if the settings are inherited down from above.

Appreciate your assistance,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Hello Peplin InControl2 Team,
We are happy to see this item in the list is now working well

Any updates on the other features requested?
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


InControl release 2.6.0 supported cloning settings from an existing group when creating a group.
Could the feature help? E.g. You create a master group which contains all captive portals that you may need. Upon creating a new group, clone the captive ports from it. Then remove unwanted captive portals from the newly created group.


Hello @Michael,
These cloning setting are certainly a helpful start, I’m yet to see if they will work between different organisations (would allow us to have a base standard template then to get clients started).

One of the requests we keep getting is for us to send the client a link to preview and look at the Captive Portal on there own devices, we understand this is mainly so that the client can test graphics and layouts across different devices.

The other main request is for the automated exporting/emailing of Captive Data Portal reports (weekly & bi-weekly are the most common) with those graphical summaries like seen in this example.

These summaries are already GDPR compliant (from what we see) as they are accumulative data, not individual data, so our colleagues in Europe would be able to benefit from this too.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Sorry, cross-organization operations can hardly be possible in the current system architecture. But as the system evolves, we will try to make cross-organization operations possible in the future.

Please check if allowing your clients to login IC2 as a “Captive Portal Report Viewer” will help. Such user role has captive portal report access right only.

Emailing of reports regularly to our customers is on our roadmap. But we do not a concrete ETA for it.


This famous Peplink roadmap must look like a gigantic mutant with a non-stop changing face.

Keep faith guys, you’ll get through it eventually :slight_smile: