Captive Porthole Background Layout options within InControl2

Hello Peplink Engineering,
We are in the process of readying for migration an existing customers splash pages over the the improved Peplink solutions for the Captive Porthole.

In the customers original splash page for the Wi-Fi the background image is titled (graphic is designed for the purpose).
You can see in the Peplink version the background is stretched that we have been working on with at the URL of, this is compared to the original solution that you can see at the URL of showing the background being titled.

Can we have the background layout options such as:
Background Image layout Options
• Fill/Stretched (current default)
• Centred
• Aligned (top/bottom left/right)
• Titled (original size repeating in all directions)

Look forward to your response,
Appreciate your assistance,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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