Feature Request: Router discovery on LAN


Submitting a feature request for the Max BR1 Mini and Transit Mini (this could apply to other models as well). Would be great if there were a LAN router discovery mechanism to discover a router(s) on the network. If a Pepwave has DHCP disabled, I don’t believe there’s currently a way for clients to discover what subnet the Pepwave is on and its IP address.

There are several possible implementations of this feature, all of which could be helpful. The router could join a multicast group at bootup and use mDNS or SSDP to advertise/respond to clients on the network. Another option would be for the router to implement ICMP IPv4 router discovery (ICMP Router Discovery Protocol - Wikipedia) and/or IPv6 Neighbor Discovery (Neighbor Discovery Protocol - Wikipedia). IPv4 and IPv6 support would be preferred, although IPv4 support would be a good start.

Thank you!

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It’s not feature complete , but there will be something released like in 8.1.2 firmware that covers this partially.
See the thread on this here:

Interesting, thanks. Hopefully there’s more info released about this feature shortly.