Feature request: NTP server using GPS time


Hello! I had planned to purchase a stand-alone time server with GPS receiver and txco, in order to maintain accurate time when I do not have an internet connection.

I noticed that my UBR LTE has an option to use the GPS for it’s internal time. Being able to distribute this to other devices on my network would be extremely helpful. If I could use the UBR LTE as a NTP server, it would save me money, space, network complexity, and power.

Please add a NTP server with the option to use GPS as a time source. Thanks!

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@Paul_Rohrbaugh, the NTP server feature is available on certain models (with RTC - Battery-powered time storage to keep time running even router is power off).

You may find more details about the feature in this post.

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I did not fill out a “tell me why you don’t have this feature request”. I filled out a “feature request”.

My office already has a PepLink Balance device with NTP server. And I do not need a NTP server on my router in that environment.

Where a NTP server WOULD be useful to me is on the remote end, running on my UBR LTE, and getting it’s time from the GPS.