External antenna recommendations

I have a Peplink MAX BR1 with an AT&T SIM. Because of some other factors the unit is installed in a basement level and it gets a decent signal but I’m sure it could be better. I was curious to get some recommendations for an external antennas. The distance of where I would like to route some cable to install the external antennas would be maybe 50ft. What would be the best cable to use? Depending on the cable would I need some kind of adapters to go between the SMA on the end of the MAX BR1 and the antenna?

Hi mcvickj,

50ft (15m) is a long distance for a HF-cable
In this thread you can find some informations about the cable

To find the right antenna we need more informations. Is it on the roof of a building or on the wall. Do you have sight-connection to the cellular-station?

I prefer to bring the BR1 to the latest point inside before the device is outside, then you have a 50ft network-cable without a problem and a short HF-cable.


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Cable use LMR-400 loss over 15m is low with this cable.

Antenna: directional ANT-102-LTE2 or onmi directional ANT-101-LTE2 can be found on peplink site

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Shorter the antenna wire run the better. I’d consider moving the Peplink device closer to the antenna and run cat6 or whatever to where it needs to go.

You can use loss calculators / look at data sheets for the cable to see the loss over what distances over what frequencies.

I use a Wilson outdoor omni antenna. What antenna is right for you depends on your local cellular towers. You should figure out where they are, where it would connect to, and see if directional antenna might be the way to go.

You will want to consider lightening suppression, etc in your design. 3gstore (now known as 5gstore) is a knowledgable resource. I buy my cables from mpddigital.us

You will also want to consider whether you want MIMO. That will limit your options. I believe Poynting does make a MIMO outdoor cellular antenna.