Enable HOTSPOT with PL Balance 710

Hello there,

I am using the Peplink Balance 710 router for my student’s WiFi all over the campus. We would like to enable the hotspot facility with individual unique credential to log in to use the WiFi facility. Because in my country, the bandwidth is too low and shared services are bigger worries with fluctuations.

So, please help me with your expertise to get this done. I only have PepLink Balance 710 router, please let me know what are the other devices I might need to get this done.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon, thank you and have a great day!


Hi Karthik,

have a look at this post - This should be your solution


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Hello Dennis,

Thanks much for your immediate response. I have checked the settings, I am not able to go to step 2 ( 2) Setting up your Social Wi-Fi profile on IC2), I do not have any pepwave devices, in fact, I have only Balance 710 router.

Please let me know whether InControl 2 would work with social WiFi hotspot if only I have pepwave and AP controller OR just PL Balance 710 would be good enough to get this done.

Thank you.


okay… now I understand your “problem”.

I think we need a short network plan with your components to find a solution.
What kind of AccessPoints do you have and how many?
Give us a little bit more information about your infrastrukture.


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Hello Dennis,

Okay! I have ISP 6 WANS and all connected to PepLink Balance 710 WAN ports from 1 - 6. Each WAN is 50/15 MBPS down/up speed. I would like to use this bandwidth to my campus Student WiFi hotspot facility without any wastage.

ISPs - PepLink - Cisco Managed Switches - Ubiquiti APs (10 APs are in this network) - Students mobile/Laptop/iPad

There is nothing else in the network!

I want to give each student individual login credential or social login with just one device to connect to WiFi simultaneously. Because, many of them have 3 devices and they connect all of them to Internet. Since I have very limited bandwidth facility here, I would like to use it efficiently.

So, I am looking for HotSpot + Bandwidth limiting options in my Student WiFi network.

Anything else, please let me know. Thank you.