Email Notification

Is there any way to extend the health check to only report links down for a time greater than X Minutes?

I’ve seen the health check intervals and ~15 Seconds seems to be the longest period. Just trying to avoid nuisance emails from VPN status changes.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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If we can provide an option to enable/disable e-mail notification for SpeedFusion status, do you think this can meet your requirement?

We need to be notified if the network is down but not if it drops out for a couple of seconds if that make since? We were hoping we could change the threshold for when the email notification is sent.

For instance if a specific vpn status fails X health checks then send an email notification.

This would allow for us to use the health check interval to determine a time frame at the end of which we would want to be notified.

For example, this is the logic I am looking for.

If health check failed status fails consecutively 15 times
Then send status update email
Else link is up within application tolerance

Or if you can save time stamps of the last successful ping then compare current time to last successful ping time stamp if time is > X min send email.


I have move the forum threads under feature request as the requested Email notification with conditions is out of the generic email notification feature.

General email notification is to notify administrator when there is status change for the WANs or VPN.

Look like you are relief email notifications to monitor the WANs or VPN status as this is not the original idea for the email notification. I have move your request under feature request and let engineering team to consider the feasibility.

For you request, i would think that network monitoring/SNMP tools will best suits to monitor the WANs status and VPN connections status as you can define the health check interval for the WAN or VPN monitoring status. Network monitoring/SNMP tools will send email notification to notify administrator if conditions meet.

Thank You

In addition to the request above, how about the ability to select who gets what type of email notifications. For example-

The accounting department really doesn’t care if the link to a remote site has gone down but they sure are interested in when a data cap is about to be reached and if we need to contact our carrier and add more data to our SIM’s allowance earlier in the month if for some reason our usage is greater one month than normal. The network manager/operations manager may want to see only when the WAN is down and there is no connectivity to a site at all while the network technician would probably want to see when there is a change in any of the WAN states.

A page in the GUI that allows for, let’s say 6 or even 10, different email groups that had radio boxes that allowed the gateway to be configured to send different types of emails to different users would be extremely beneficial, especially when the gateway is used in a network supporting emergency management or is mobile moving between carrier coverage areas.