Dynamic DNS settings for Google Domains

I’m having problems with my Peplink Balance One updating it’s dynamic DNS record with Google Domains. I just moved my domain to Google Domains, but used DynDNS before without any problems.

I don’t see Google Domains in the pull down list of providers, so I used:

Service Provider: Others
URL: domains.google.com
And then the Google generated username and password.

I get the following error:

DDNS: Domain home.stevem.net update failed for <WAN CONNECTION>. Authentication error.

I’m following the instructions at Set up DNSSEC & DNS security - Google Domains Help

Any help/ideas?

Hi Steve,

Possible to screenshot the DDNS setting & share it here ?

Expected settings:

Beside that, can you please check whether google DDNS support HTTP update ? As Peplink DDNS only support DDNS update through HTTP.

Thank You

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Google does support HTTP as far as I know. What is the URL you have in the example above? I can’t see it all, and Google does not publish a full URL.

Hi Steve,

Here is the URL:

It have been listed for the google reference link below for section “Using the API to update your Dynamic DNS record”.

Can you please try that ?

Thank You

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Authentication failed again. Used the URI/URL you provided, but didn’t seem to work.

Hi Steve,

Please open a support ticket here for us to further check.

Google DDNS is the new public DDNS service & we need to further check on the compatibility.

Thank you

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Was this ever resolved? Using DNS-O-Matic right now, but I would like to directly update to Google Domains.

Answered my own question, “The API requires HTTPS”… Can we get this added? Not a great idea to send creds in the clear regardless.

Hi all,

This is on our roadmap. Target to support this on v6.4.0.

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@TK_Liew Has this been fixed? I upgraded to firmware 7.0 and my Google Dyanmic DNS is still throwing authentication errors:

Not that I’m aware of. I have three Pepwave devices and still have to do a workaround to get them to update Google Domains.


The requested feature still in feature road-map.

Please consider using “Peplink DDNS service” if you missed the feature. For more information, please refer to the forum thread below:

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Any update on this? I renewed my warranty in the hope that this would be done soon. I have two more locations that need new edge routers. Much as I like Peplink routers, this is a deal killer feature.

No ETA yet at the moment. For time being, Would you consider to use “Peplink DDNS service” ?

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Not really. I want these to be domain hosts. I could cname them but there’s be potential disruption when we change later.

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I’ve written my own Google DNS updater utility and have it run by scheduled tasks on a server under my network. It will be an elegant solution if Peplink devices can support Google domain as its standard feature though. Anyway, just my little wish list.

Have there been any updates on this? I was trying this today and getting an auth error still. not sure if there’s been a work around in the last year and a half or if this still a road mapped feature.