Duck DYNDNS custom settings

I´m trying to use the Dynamic DNS Settings with “other service provider” (with “”). DuckDNS use a simple https command:

but the fields at “other service provider” are: URL, Username, Password and Hosts

How can I update with this service provider OR how works the updater from the Peplink app, so I can ask DuckDNS to receive that protocol

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As for now Dynamic DNS Settings only support HTTP connection and for “Hosts” field, you need to put in the full name for your domain “”. Please further test on it and let us know whether this work for you.

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Did you get this working?

I also have the problem that DuckDNS expects html parameters domains and token, but the peplink dynamic DNS seems to only provide username and password (which DuckDNS ignores).


Is there already a solution for this? I would really like to use since its free and works great. I have tried several url’s but the peplink software complains from the moment there is a special character in the URL. Pleas peplink add support for duckdns.

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it is not working.

Do you have any suggestion?