Cisco Umbrella Support (formerly OpenDNS)


I am trying to implement the use of Cisco Umbrella for MAX BR and Transit devices. According to Cisco documentation this should be any easy task using their API to send dyndns updates.

Now I tried it using the credentials stated in the documentation

  • Server:
  • Protocol: HTTPS
  • Port: 443
  • Hostname: Umbrella Network Name
  • User: Umbrella username (e-mail)
  • Password: Umbrella password

Using the Umbrella Network Name as a hostname seems to be a problem as the devices refuses this input.

Can you please provide support for Cisco Umbrella or tell me how to set this up with the current firmware (7.x)?

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You can integrate your devices with Cisco Umbrella as described by Martin Langmaid in the following post:

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Well, this way I end up using their public DNS and, right. I wasn’t specific enough in terms of my goal: What I want to do is to use their cloud based content filtering system. And in order to use that feature you need to authenticate yourself ahead of time, either by using a dedicated ddns client (for Windows or Linux) or by using the stated https:// request to like all other ddns providers.

Unlike in other routers I can’t configure a https:// request to match the criteria. So it would be great if either that was possible in the future or if OpenDNS (Umbrella) was among the ddns providers preconfigured on the Peplink devices.

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Hello @CFIDS,
I think this posting from @sitloongs may also apply here to your situation

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