Does Speedfusion overdrive WAN connection and causes packetloss?

Speedfusion graph shows packetloss at the maximum offical upload capacity of the connection when a LTE CAT12 modem is the only WAN in use, but p2p WAN analysis using that WAN against the same Fusionhub doesn’t.

Speedfusion Graph showing packetloss:

Speedfusion Graph with upload limit of 35 MBit/s not showing any packetloss:

WAN analysis with the same link with 50 MBit UDP not showing any packetloss:

Some further WAN analysis tests:

  • sometimes I see some packet loss at 50 MBps (probably there was some other traffic on my network in parallel).
  • I have never seen any packet loss at 49 MBps.
  • I see a lot of packet loss at 60 MBps.

Subscription is standard LTE/LTE-A (CAT4/CAT6) provider with official 50 MBps upload.

Assumption: SpeedFusion tries to send with higher bandwidth than the limit of the WAN connection.

Concern: This type of packetloss might influence negativly the connection performance and might misslead the load balancing algorthm and can degradate the overall bonding performance. This type of packetloss might be also harmless - but still missleading during troubleshooting.
Clarification would be apretiated.

This is a breakout of topic: LTE: speedfusion is slower than the fastest link in the bonding?



Lets ask @Steve if he has any idea why the Speedfusion graph shows packetloss when the CAT12 modem is the only WAN in use, but p2p wan analysis using that WAN against the same Fusionhub doesn’t.

Also - the latest firmware (8.1.0RC1) has much better speedfusion graphing and is probably worth installing at both ends. Firmware 8.1.0 RC 1

Hi @blade,

When a WAN connection is congested (50Mbps in your case), packet loss is absolutely normal and this kind of packet loss is just a congestion event, because the TCP protocol will keep trying to increase the throughput until the link is congested.

Compare to the WAN Analysis result, because you are using UDP to test the WAN with static traffic throughput, it will never be congested and thus no packet will be loss.

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Thanks a lot for the clarification! So these packet losses are just normal during the WAN connection is at its maximum bandwidth capacity.

One a side note: these packetlosses cause confusion during troubleshooting.