Does Peplink Support Dynamic DNS services?

Peplink Balance routers can register domain name relationships to dynamic DNS service providers. Through registration with dynamic DNS service provider(s), the default public Internet IP address of each WAN connection can be associated with a host name.

Peplink Balance supports the following dynamic DNS service providers:

The settings for dynamic DNS service provider(s) and the association of hostname(s) can be configured via Network > Interfaces > WAN from Web Admin Interface.




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service provider list and picture are incorrect / out of date

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Does anybody know of any dynamic DNS service provider that works with the 8.1.0 firmware (besides the IC2-based

I have tried, dns-o-matic, no-ip and so far they all fail with the “Internal error” log entry.

Please advise.


Hi @zegor_mjol
We use “no-ip” extensively (paid accts) and have had no problems. - Rick

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This one is a bit odd: no-ip (free) turns out to work on WAN 2 and WAN 3 of the Balance 380 - but the same settings get the “internal error” on WAN 1.

So there is something else going on. ISP issues?

Be well.


I believe you but that makes no sense. :thinking:

Puzzling indeed.

This is a production router so there is a limit to what I can do to test, but here we have it: No-IP works on WAN 2 (static IP address, DSL) and WAN 3 (DHCP, cellular (Verizon)), but not on WAN 1 (IP passthrough, AT&T/Sonic fiber).

Does anybody know what “internal error” on the DDNS update signifies? (Not credential problems - they cause an “Authentication error” message, I find :slight_smile: ).


@zegor_mjol, there are some changes to the DNS-O-Matic.

So, you will see “Internal error” from the log. We have fixed this in 8.1.1. However, I have not seen this for and etc. Somemore, it just not work for WAN1 only. I suggest opening a ticket for us to take a look if changes at the midnight are allowed.

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Done. #20120866



Update: The cause has been identified and a fix will be incorporated into the 8.1.1. Thanks @TK_Liew


Any idea when the 8.1.1 firmware will be released?