Do not flag all Firewall log entries as Alerts

I am using the “Send Events to Remote Syslog Server” feature in firmware 8.1.1 to send events to a Synology NAS. The NAS is running SRM version 6.2.4 and the data appears in the Log Center app on the NAS. I am also doing URL logging to the same destination.

As shown below, URL Logging has a severity level of Info and the firewall log records have a severity level of Alert.

Like a Peplink router, a Synology NAS can send emails when bad things happen. One bad thing is a log with an Alert. As a result, the NAS is spamming me with an email for every firewall record.

Maybe flag firewall logs as Info? Maybe let us choose?

I suppose this can be changed as Info. I can understand having Synology Syslog Server to send an alert email. I shall come back a bit to see anyone in our community has comment/concern on this.


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Should it be info for allowed and alert for blocked?

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Make sense to me. There should be no concern from the development perspective. @Michael234 What do you think of that?

That is fine with me. Thanks.

@Jonathan_Pitts @Michael234 Alright! That should settle the requirements and we shall proceed with the request and plan on our firmware release.


Thanks Eddy!

@Jonathan_Pitts @Michael234 For your information, we have decided to use Notice for log level on Firewall Allowed Logging.

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Thank you for that.

sounds good.

Forgot to mention that this request has been implemented onto 8.1.2 RC3. Hence, you can test with it.


Thanks again.