DNS problems with Open VPN

I have setup the Open VPN on a client’s router and downloaded the Open VPN client profile. On the client’s machine I have installed the Open VPN GUI and then pasted the Open VPN client profile in the correct directory location. I then will right click the Open VPN icon in the icon tray and hit connect. After entering my credentials it connects successfully. However, when I try to access network drives, I can not access them. I can ping the domain controller, but i can not ping it using the domain controllers name. Does anyone have any idea what settings I need to change so the DNS will work properly with the Open VPN?

Do you have internal DNS servers on the LAN? If not, a local DNS record can be added to the router if the DNS proxy is being used.

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Yes, we have an internal DNS server on the LAN.

OK, step 1 is to confirm the internal DNS servers are assigned to the client under: Network> LAN> DHCP Server. Uncheck “Assign DNS server automatically” to configure the internal DNS severs.

For step 2 which model router are you using for OpenVPN? Special firmware may be needed for this, so please let us know the router model and firmware version.

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The Assign DNS server Automatically, was already unchecked, and the correct DNS server IPs are configured in the DNS server 1 & 2 settings.

We are using a Peplink Balance One, with firmware 8.0.2 installed.