DNS problems with Open VPN

I have setup the Open VPN on a client’s router and downloaded the Open VPN client profile. On the client’s machine I have installed the Open VPN GUI and then pasted the Open VPN client profile in the correct directory location. I then will right click the Open VPN icon in the icon tray and hit connect. After entering my credentials it connects successfully. However, when I try to access network drives, I can not access them. I can ping the domain controller, but i can not ping it using the domain controllers name. Does anyone have any idea what settings I need to change so the DNS will work properly with the Open VPN?

Do you have internal DNS servers on the LAN? If not, a local DNS record can be added to the router if the DNS proxy is being used.

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Yes, we have an internal DNS server on the LAN.

OK, step 1 is to confirm the internal DNS servers are assigned to the client under: Network> LAN> DHCP Server. Uncheck “Assign DNS server automatically” to configure the internal DNS severs.

For step 2 which model router are you using for OpenVPN? Special firmware may be needed for this, so please let us know the router model and firmware version.

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The Assign DNS server Automatically, was already unchecked, and the correct DNS server IPs are configured in the DNS server 1 & 2 settings.

We are using a Peplink Balance One, with firmware 8.0.2 installed.

We have the same problem with our Peplink 710, was there a resolution to this?

When our OpenVPN client connection establishes, the DNS server specified in the DHCP server does not get allocated to the VPN adapter. We get the Peplink LAN IP as our primary DNS and users cannot access devices on the LAN by their host name.

Unfortunately, there was no resolution to this issue as of yet.


My OpenVPN client has no problem to grab the customized DNS IP as @Ron_Case suggested. The customized DNS server is used when I do DNS lookup. Please find the screenshot below.

Please ensure you are using the latest firmware version.

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I am having the same issue and it seems to only happen on the VPN VLAN “51”. It does not apply DNS or WINS so I have had to set them manually for each adapter in Windows. Any idea how we resolve this?

It only seems to be a problem if you are using a VLAN on my end.

@Gavin_Pitt, I don’t have the problem to grab custom DNS IP addresses in VLAN 51. I am using firmware version 8.0.2.

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Well that is odd. I am running firmware 8.0.2 as well and this certainly does not work. Any idea what I can check? Troubleshooting steps?

@Gavin_Pitt, can you provide a similar screenshot like what I have provided below?

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Which device in the VLAN 51 is holding the IP address ? Base on the screenshot shared, it’s the DHCP server for your device now. You have 2 DHCP server running for your network ? This is not a recommended setup as you won’t able to control with DHCP server going to assign the DHCP IP to the client devices.

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I have a Windows server running DHCP on the 192.168.50.* range but it is not on the same VLAN. If I try and connect OpenVpn without DHCP Enabled on the Peplink it does not connect at all.

@Gavin_Pitt, this is interesting. Please open ticket and turn on Remote Assistance for me to take a closer look. Please attention the ticket to me.


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Ticket has been created #20040028


Support team will followup with you.

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Any update on this issue? I’m running into the same thing on a similar domain structure.
If I update the DNS entry for the Open VPN virtual adapter and define the DNS it works fine.