Disable Green Light on AP One Enterprise

Is there a way to disable the green light on the AP One Enterprise? I have looked through the settings and do not see it. Thanks.

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The LED status light indicates your device’s status. RED – Access point initializing
GREEN – Access point ready. Any reason why you need to disable it?

Hello Chun, @Chun_Fatt_Sham
I believe that @FrequentFlyer is referring to actually turning the LED indicator off, this is a feature found in many other manufactures equipment, it is supplied for those that are energy concerned or do not want to draw attention to the equipment.
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I have an AP One Enterprise mounted in a location where complete darkness has been requested as an option. Some equipment (Sonos comes to mind) has an option on each unit to enable/disable the light.


Yes, I am asking if there is a way to completely turn off the LED indicator (or at least turn it off when it would otherwise be green).


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You can stick a label on it :slight_smile:

Good News guys!

Disable light is possible in this release!

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