Device "Already Added" in InControl2

I recently upgraded to 6.2.1 and saw that InControl Management was enabled under the admin settings. I set up a new account for InControl and tried to add my device by I get a message saying “Failed” “Already Added”. Is it possible to see if someone has used our serial number or get that reset to use with our account?


Sure, what is the serial number of your device?

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Thanks for the quick reply.

Serial is 1824-C1FE-E90C

It looks like Remco from your company already registered the device, I’m showing it as registered to Banff Lake Louise Tourism.

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Remco no longer works for the company. I now receive all emails to his old email addresses with the company. When I go to reset the password associated with his email accounts, I don’t get an email back. Unless he used a generic account?

He used [email protected] if that helps.

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Not sure why he used that address but glad you found it. Thank you for your help!

Actually, I may have spoken too soon. I’m now logged into the licenses account but the device doesn’t show up and it doesn’t allow me to add it.

Just PM me your name and email address and I will get you added.

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I have the same problem. I am just a home user and I am pretty sure me or someone in my family registered with an email address that we no longer use. Is it possible to get my device unregistered so I can use the serial number again?

Or at least could you tell me who registered it and under what email?

Please PM your serial number.


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Sorry, hadn’t checked this in a while. I’m pm’ing you with the serial now! Thanks!

There is no message button in my popup like in your screenshot. Any suggestions?

  1. Click on the username and it will prompt you the user detail page.

  2. Click message to private message the user.

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There is no message button in my popup like there is in your pic. The button is just non existent. Any suggestions?

Hi @Dan_Ran,

It might be best if you e-mail this topic and your story + serial number to [email protected], if PM’ing doesn’t seem to be possible at this time.

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Ok great. I will do that! Thankyou!

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I have the same issue an ex employee setup the incontrol feature on our balance one router. How do I go about adding the peplink to my incontrol account and removing it from the old account.


@danwillis Same issue so same answer as above…

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