Data providers compatibility/blocking

Looking for data provider suggestions. I am trying to find data sim providers on ATT & Verizon towers (USA) with very high caps or unlimited data. ATT/V direct plans cap out at 40-60GB, nowhere near enough for working full time remote. ALL resellers Ive checked with say they dont support pepwave. ALL of them seem to be marketing their own device and pushing that. EVEN Verizon fussed at giving me thier own plan, and told me dont be suprised if your service suddenly cuts off.

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We have a 100 GB data plan with AT&T. But it’s in a modem.

Here is what is currently available Highest Data Plan directly from the carriers for use on Pepwave routers

T-mobile - 100 GB Post Pay Plan they axed the Prepaid option
AT&T - 100 GB / Cricket Wireless 100 GB
Verizon Wireless - 200 GB

Once the carrier has the IMEI number the computer system will produced the plans available.

you could get multiple sim plans and have sim A failover to sim B when Sim A hits ??? GB

i use a dual sim pepwave. need sim cards

nether verizon nor att offered me these plans in store or online. how do i get them?

cricket shows not supported on the imei’s. i called a rep and they said no as well. wont even sell me a card to try. so mo cricket is not an option.

thanks for replying.

Regarding AT&T providing you already have the AT&T sim you can sign up here

Regarding Verizon just a warning its very steep they have the 100GB and 200GB plan but it’s not affordable at all.

You can reach out to the following Verizon Reps they are familiar with those plans

Naketa Davis
918 388 7158
[email protected]

Darius Middleton
Verizon Wireless Business Specialist
[email protected]

I think they axed both but … just last week, postpaid is back. Of course they don’t advertise it on the site and you can’t buy it online so there’s no way to know except for sites like these.

I have the AT&T prepaid 100 GB for $55 in my MAX BR1 MK2.

Some resellers do support “bring your own device” which includes Pepwave. By “support” I mean they don’t really care what you put it in if it works but they can’t help if it doesn’t.

I was with this reseller for a while. They were okay but I have no doubt that they’re like pretty much any other reseller trying to stay one step ahead of plans being shut down. It will probably work fine for a while until they’ll need to send you a new SIM at short notice and the cycle continues. I’m only in my RV part time right now so 100 GB plus tethering with my phone on Visible and the $20 tablet plan in an Android tablet is good enough for now.

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