Could not access Balance One web interface

I have been using a Balance One for about 2 years without any issues. This morning I had an issue where the WAN went offline, and I was not able to access the web interface. I didn’t have any issues with the LAN - all computers were able to communicate without issue.

I have two WAN connections - MediaCom as the primary and AT&T as Backup Group 1. It is possible the MediaCom connection went down at the same time this issue came up, but I can’t say for certain. I am looking for insight as to why I couldn’t log into the router. After about 20 minutes everything was back to normal with no indication of any issues.

I would check the event log under: Status> Event Log for additional information to see if the MediaCom WAN disconnected or if the Balance rebooted during that time.

Looking at the log I can see “System: Started up (6.3.1 build 2256)” right about the time everything came back on-line. I see the same thing happening on 6-10 at the same time our internet went offline. Unfortunately there are no log entries for days prior to each event which would indicate a problem.

@jhamaker, please download Diagnostic Report and open ticket for us to investigate.