Connectivity Issues with SSIDs on 2.4GHZ

Model: Pepwave MAX Transit running the latest 8.0.1 code just purchase a month ago.
Issue: I have a couple of SSIDs set up for business and home use. A couple of devices that I have used for a while previous to getting the MAX DUO are having Wifi stability issues. These are using 2.4Mhz connections. Originally they were on an SSID that was 2.4 or 5, but due to the issues I created a new SSID that is 2.4 only. Same issues with this one. If I reboot the MAX DUO or restart the AP in some fashion they will connect without issue. After a period of time, a few hours to a few days, the devices will drop on and off the network until eventually, they stop connecting at all. Any thoughts or other things to try?

Also, in my current location, I have a WAN over 2.4WiFi connection setup and I have noted it drops many times a day. Not sure if this is related as the device drops were an issue before I set up this connection.


Do you have problem for the WIFI 5Ghz connections or the issue specifically on 2.4Ghz WIFI connection only ?

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I have not noticed issues with 5Ghz. Most of the laptops and phone use it without issue.

Dear @Stooks

more details are necessary for your issue inspection. First, an information about the environment:

  • Where MAX Transit is installed? Is it moving?
  • What are WiFi station devices?
  • What are distances from WiFi stations to AP?
  • Are you using WiFi WAN on the same MAX Transit? Where Peplink router connects to?

Second part:

  • WiFi radio settings: device UI->AP->Settings, or IC2 UI->Group level->Wi-Fi AP->Group-wide Radios Settings
  • Connected WiFi station list (including signals): device UI->Status->Client List

You may also create a ticket, provide your device serial number and enable remote assistance for a deeper debugging.


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See answers below.

Thanks for info @Stooks

as MAX Transit is stationary, could you share UI->AP->Controller Status->Nearby Device ?

Still, cannot give a conclusion without looking at device logs. Please download Diagnostic Report from
UI->Status page right after WiFi station cannot connect. You can send the file as PM to me via forum or create a ticket.

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Was there ever a resolution to this problem? I’m having similar issues on my new Max Transit running firmware 8.0.2. When I first set the device up, all my devices connected and were running fine but slowly some of my devices began having trouble connecting. My computers tablets and phones aren’t having issues. Its thinks like my wifi printer, wifi security cams, and wifi smoke detector.

Was this issue ever resolved as I am having the same problem with my Max Transit Duo?

If some of the WIFI clients are connected fine but some are not, you may need to check whether the problem clients are getting an adequate signal strength and any WIFI interference there. You may contact your point of purchse to get further help when needed.


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I am having this issue and was searching for an answer. It looks like this is still happening to some devices but not all. My setup is in an RV and 2 devices consistently lose connectivity. It turns out that they cannot see the 2.4 SSID until I restart the router.

+1 I have a Max Transit that is now consistently dropping all clients from the access point and the SSID itself is no longer visible to any devices. On reboot it comes back up for anywhere from a few hours to maybe a day max. Struggling to figure out what to do.

+1 for me too. Very annoying that things can be working fine for some time, then all of a sudden all devices say no network available, and the SSID of the AP is no longer being broadcast. Sometimes a reboot fixes it in minutes, sometimes it takes hours or days…usually, I give up after 10-15 minutes and just tether my phone.

Looks like you have two posts regarding this issue. Suggestion: Contact the Peplink Partner from whom you purchased the device. Partners have an obligation to provide the first level of assistance.

I can imagine the frustration! Your router can do better than that.

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Hi Rick

I have contacted my seller as well yesterday…we see what comes of it. I have read other replies here yesterday from people with the same retailer that indicated they are getting no response from them either. How long do I give the retailer before I can come back here and say, “Pepwave, please help directly”?

Log a ticket with Peplink direct - they will poke your partner for you and ultimately assist is they can’t or won’t.


I hate to hear stories like that. But I agree with @MartinLangmaid. Here is the link to file a ticket.

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The retailer got back to me today and offered some setting adjustments. I made those and initially things seemed better but after some minutes of testing the function of connected devices, it became clear that the same issue was still present. The retailer indicated that they have received similar complaints about the Transit Duo with firmware 8.1.1 and have brought this issue to Pepwave.

At this time, I will hold on putting in a ticket to Pepwave directly in hopes that the retailer will do it as part of the normal escalation process.


+1 I am having the same exact issue on my Pepwave Max Transit running firmware 8.1.1 build 5040.

I have deleted and recreated 2.4G SSID’s and they appear for a minute then drop. None of our 2.4G devices can find the network. All 5GHz devices find the network without issue. I have separated the SSID’s (creating one for each broadcast type) and that didn’t resolve the issue either.

Anyone ever hear back on a fix? Thanks!

UPDATE MAY 30TH, 2021 4:33PM PDT
It appears that by changing the settings for the 2.4GHz network to a single channel (Channel 5) from “Auto” that all the devices that only work on 2.4GHz suddenly see it being broadcast! Have tested it and found it to be stable thus far. I’ll post again in a week after some time on the road and advise as to it’s long term stability. Now, I know this is ideal so I have also reached out to the reseller for their opinion on the matter.

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I’m still working through this with my retailer, but there was seemingly a breakthrough this weekend, sorta due to necessity: factory reboot. It wasn’t possible to even connect to the router (because no SSIDs were being broadcast) so the solution was a factory reboot. Granted, it took THREE factory reboots to get the system running stable. Two other things seemed to add to the stability of the system: 1) have a really good connection to the internet available for the router to grab and 2) use InControl for any setting changes that one can. The Pepwave worked well all weekend on campground Wifi (which was pretty strong as campground wifis go) and never dropped SSID broadcast of 2.4 or 5.0GHz channels.


I have heard that reboots have been somewhat common practice. Oddly once I have a stable unit, reboots appear to be a cause of the issues with 2.4GHz broadcasting. Glad you’re making progress. I will be on a week long trip this week with heavy use of cellular and both 2.4 and 5GHz WiFi and will report back.