Connectivity Issues with SSIDs on 2.4GHZ

Hey Guys … any more updates on this issue ? I’m seeing the same issue with 2.4G devices connecting to my Max Duo, especially from an older laptop I have. Sometimes the SSID’s show up, but most of the time they don’t.
I’m going to try Jeff’s suggestion of using a single channel on the 2.4G and see if that works.

I have had this same issue and also a ticket open for about a year now. I can eliminate the issue by disabling the WIFI WANs. Anytime I go to use the WIFI WAN feature it kills my 2.4 devices. To fix this, I just got a ubiquiti AP and am not using the WIFI on the max transit now. I went back an forth with peplink trying different versions or settings and nothing worked and I got tired of going back and forth. Sad I have to spend another $100 after spending over $1,000 for the transit. :frowning:

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I have the same issue since I got mine. Was supposed to be fixed in the last firmware update, but I have to reboot mine daily if I connect to 2.4 WiFi as WAN.

I’m experiencing the same issues with dropped SSID’s. Factory reset was the only way to get it back up and running. Pepwave MAX BR1 MK2 Router installed June. I’m chalking up the issue to Marina Wifi dropping out and corrupting the router. Any known fixes would be appreciated. I only use WIFI as WAN at my own Marina on a 5.0 connection.

@scottjbco and @Marc1781, I suggest contacting your point of purchase to isolate the WIFI issue. There are many environment factors that can affect the WIFI connection issue.


We are in contact with the reseller. This issue is not just on my device. My friend is having exactly the same issue with a more advanced dual router and different antenna’s. He’s currently traveling. Always the same problem. We will get to the bottom of this.