Connect to AWS VPC

I have pair of Balance 710 and need to connect to AWS VPC. Appreciate if someone can share with me the needed configuration or KB article. Thanks

Hi. Tell me more.

Are the pair of B710 in HA or are they at different locations?
I assume you’re running apps in AWS that you want speedfusion bonding to?

Do you have a Fusionhub hosted in AWS yet?

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HA B710 are at the same location. I have immediate need to use AWS S3 storage (Glacier) to backup data. I need guidance on this.

I was not aware sppedfusion can be used to build VPN with AWS. Is it easy to deploy? would you also share with me how to?
Really appreciate.

Fusionhub AWS guide here: Deploying FusionHub on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Backup to Glacier tutorial video here

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Wow. Eye opening for newbie in AWS S3 Glacier. cannot imaging what I have been missing for last 7 years. Thank you very much!

This seems much easier than IPSec VPN. I was suggested to do IPsec tunneling for better security and leverage, do you agree? I tried to check on Pep to AWS VPN, but did not find anything.

Speedfusion VPN is as secure as IPSEC (it is based on it) it has 256bit AES encryption. SpeedFusion VPN is much much easier to configure and more powerful than IPSEC because you can do bonding, hot failover, FEC and WAN Smoothing.

I would always use SpeedFusion / PepVPN instead of IPSEC.

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Thank you for your prompt reply. I used speedfusion between 2 sites now and enjoy the simplest configuration. It just work! New to AWS so want to deploy it for easy support in the future. I will follow your link to see how far I can go to set it up. Hope you don’t mind I ask questions.

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but then you are paying the inboud traffic no?