Confused! What is the relationship and difference between FusionHub and SpeedFusion Cloud

I have pass my exam about Peplink product PCE 3.0. But i still so confused about the products like FusionHub and SpeedFusion Cloud. In my opinion, SpeedFusion Cloud is just a collection of a couple of Peplink virtual terminal hosted on Cloud. On the other hand, FusionHub is a tool to manage many SpeedFusion instances, in which, maybe both sides are physical Peplink terminal, maybe one side is SpeedFusion Cloud node and another is physical terminal.

So, if we want to provide the connectivity products and service to world wide business customers. we should focus on SpeedFusion Cloud, not FusionHub, Is it right?

I’m only an end-user customer, but I would say both have a place.

In my view SpeedFusion Cloud is ideal for those who simply want to bond connections and/or have seamless connections without downtime with a minimum of setup and with as much as possible done for them with a click or two.

FusionHub offers a lot of flexibility for businesses and power users. For example, the ability to host it exactly where they want it for absolute lowest latency to xyz, or in their own datacenter, connect to additional things either in the cloud or additional physical locations for larger businesses, have a dedicated static IP, etc.

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