Configuration of the new Starlink GPS feature.

Is there any special configurations to inControl or the Router (830x in my situation and no gps module but i’m assuming this is the point of this feature) for InControl to access the starlink antenna’s GPS data to display that antenna location in the InControl gui?

I am aware of the setting in the Starlink account/antenna “location request mode” then local but is there anything else that needs to be done?

I changed this setting in my starlink account on a few antenna’s but the location is not updating in inControl. Just updated one router to the 8.4.1 build 5791 and having no luck yet.

Thanks in advance

So i’m guessing its not working due to this known issue i just seen? can anyone confirm or deny and does anyone know when this may be resolved.

Starlink GPS support is lacking on models without
integrated GPS

Did you enable the starlink integration on the network WAN of your 380x as well?

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Yes Sir, I’ve had this setting configured since the last update. But now that you mention it I think i’ll disable and reenable just for kicks… This feature is huge for my vessels. Since I only use 830X without the cellular modules it will be great to track the ships with this method. I have 2 Maritime systems on each vessel. I’m not sure if this is an issue or not.

Do you see any GPS menus , with it enabled?
If not, you may need any special firmware.
Send me a PM and I’ll try to track one d for you

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Can I ask a question?

Yes what question do you have?

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To activate starlink on Peplink Router:

  1. Supported firmware like 8.4.1
  2. Activate Starlink at the WAN
  • If you cannot see the Starlink - then you need to get to the correct firmware.
  1. you will need to activate the GPS on Starlink antenna.
    You can see the photo to activate it.


Great pictures and detailed setup!

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Anyone here tried the setup? Does it work?

I have set it up and tested on my starlink demo setup and it works.