Concurrent dual link

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I am hoping someone might help us with our situation.

We have two links on our peplink blance. WAN1 is deployed in drop-in mode from a BGP router thus using our IP prefix and ASN. WAN 2 is from another ISP in 'always on mode. Everything is working great just that when surfing behind the router, it sometimes shows WAN 2 IP address and sometime shows WAN1 IP address…while this is expected, we want at all time only WAN1 IP address shown not WAN 2 IP address when surfing behind the peplink. I think I kind of read somewhere that this it is possible… if so, can someone guide us please?

Thank you in advance

You can just create an outbound policy rule for this using the Priority algorithm with WAN1 having the highest priority.

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Well yes that is an option we have now and working fine however when traffic passes through WAN 2 eventually, it will still show the IP address is from another source. We want to keep WAN 1 IP integrity (it’s important in this deployment if I may add). I was looking more to a authoritative DNS solution where I guess WAN 2 advertises WAN1 IP address or something like that. I know I read that possibility somewhere.

The Authoritative DNS feature will allow you to put the DNS records on the Balance router itself but the records are still tied to the WAN static IP addresses. There is no way to have outbound requests go out WAN2 with a different IP address.

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Aha I see. I thought as much too. Thank you for the clearity, We’ll have to do a BGP with the second provider as well so as to reflex our IP in the balance as a lasting solution…In any case, any idea on how to do the DNS record pleaseon the balance for the two WANs? This helps in terms of link failure and services? I don’t know how to do this…

Peplink rocks!

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You can refer to the post below for the sample setup:

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Yes this would work. However, is there a walk-through for the setup (sort of setup guide)?

The previous post actually include sub link for the inbound load-balancing setup guide.


Thanks. I will be trying it out soon. Peplink truly rocks! Thanks for the support.