Class 1 DIV 2 Certification

Class 1 DIV 2 Certification. We work with many oil and gas companies and sell a ton of other radios in areas that Require C1D2 cert. We would love to sell more peplink products but we can not.

The Max-BR1 is a superior product and has much better functionality but in the last quarter of 2016 we sold over 1000 other cell modems due to no C1D2 cert on the MAX-BR1

Are you working on this??? If so what is a date to get it done by??


Yes we are already working on this and will try to get you an update on the ETA.



Hi Tim, Was speaking with MRW-CRS earlier and was wondering what the status of this certification was?

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The MAX-BR1-MINI currently has the Class 1 DIV 2 certification and the regular BR1 should have it around June 9th.



Has the MAX-BR1-LTE-US-T receive the Class 1 DIV 2 certification?


Has the regular BR1 received the Class 1 DIV 2 certification? Thank you.

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Yes it has. Thanks


Hi Tim, do you know if that new BR1-M2M is certified Class 1 Div 2 yet?

I’m checking on this but I think it is the BR1 Classic and BR1 Mini.

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In the product email that was sent out there is a picture of a gas well meter… I am guessing that if they are going to be used on gas wells they need to be C1D2 or they will not be going on many gas wells…

Here is a link to our list of certified products and their respective certificates. We will have to request the M2M for this certification as well.

We will keep this post updated with the latest list of certified products.


Hi Travis,

Thank you for the update on this. We’ll keep an eye out for the announcement.

We have a similar need. Does the new BR1 Classic HW2 have Class 1 Div 2 hazardous certification for Canada? cULus or CSA or cMETus or cSGSus etc. and will this certification be printed on the product label?

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