Peplink products carrying Class 1 Division 2 certification


Electrical equipment can cause explosions in certain atmospheres. In North America, the most widely used hazardous location classification system is defined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Publication 70, National Electric Code® (NEC) in Articles 500 to 506. The NFPA establishes area classifications based on Classes, Divisions and Zones that when combined delineate the hazardous conditions of a specific area.

The following Peplink products are rated for Class 1 Division 2 deployments. (Specific SKUs may apply.)

  • BR1 mini
  • BR1
  • BR1 MK2

See below for the applicable certificates -

MAX_BR1_Listed_NRTL_Cert_SGSNA_17_SUW_00223_PISMO_ISA_12_CSA_213_C1D2.pdf (181.1 KB)
MAX_BR1_Mini_Listed_NRTL_Cert_SGSNA_17_SUW_00113_PISMO_UL_60950_1_CSA_No_60950_1.pdf (187.9 KB)
MAX_BR1_MK2_Listed_NRTL_Cert_SGSNA_17_SUW_00305_PISMO_ISA_12_CSA_213_C1D2.pdf (180.2 KB)

Class 1 DIV 2 Certification