Changing the MAC address of WAN interface

The MAC address of each ethernet WAN port can be changed.
In order to change the MAC address, from Web Administration Interface in Network > WAN, select the specific WAN Interface. Scroll down to “physical interface settings”.

The MAC address can be changed in MAC Address Clone.

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I am trying to change the MAC address on a MK2 using WiFi as WAN… any idea where the setting is? Thank you.

Hi Mystery,

The option as shown in this forum post is for wired WAN ports only (I’ll edit the post).
What is the reason for wanting to change the MAC address for WiFi-as-WAN?

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I can think of a few reasons such as:
a) MAC address already hard coded for access or authenticated
b) To help those that need to authenticate on a web page (others have said in other threads that they are doing a ‘reverse clone’ i.e. cloning their computer MAC to their Peplink MAC, authenticating, then reverting their computer MAC and turning on the Peplink - usually its done the other way around)
c) Most other devices made by other manufacturers or running other OS/firmware already have this ability

I’ll send you a PM

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Hi Mystery,

Sorry, but it is currently not possible to change the MAC address for the WIFi-as-WAN interface.

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Thanks is it possible to add to list of feature requests?

Trying to match IP of another (non peplink) router where IP is dhcp assigned by ISP to that router. (will call IP A for this post) and looking for ideas on why it isn’t working.

For some reason when I copy and paste the MAC from the other router to a peplink Balance 210, the ISP is not assigning the same IP address via dhcp.

The other router has the MAC address entered via “MAC override” on that router. I tested and whenever I remove the copied and pasted MAC from the “MAC override” field it gets a different IP (IP B). When I copy and paste the original MAC back into the MAC override field, the non-peplink router gets the same original IP via dhcp that I’m wanting to have assigned (IP A)

When I do it on the balance 210 under wan2 under “mac address clone” it doesn’t get that original IP, but a different IP (IP C)

(only one router is plugged in at a time.)

Testing further on the balance 210, if I remove the mac address clone field, it gets a different IP (IP D). If I copy and paste the cloned mac address back into the mac address clone field, it gets (IP C) again. This is repeatable. But it won’t get the original (IP A) that the other router has.

Is there another property that the ISP may be using to identify the router other than the mac address?

I tried rebooting and then even power cycling the balance 210 and no difference.

Finally I unplugged the balance and plugged back in the non-peplink router and the non-peplink router with the same mac address got the original (IP A) again from the dhcp server, that the balance would never get for some reason.

I plugged the other router into a lan port of the balance so I could see its mac in the peplink client list. Copied and pasted from there into “mac address clone” of peplink wan2 as another check, but still didn’t work. Balance got (IP C) same as before with the other router’s mac address cloned to WAN2 of the balance. Plugged in other router and it got (IP A) again. I also set the custom dhcp hostname under wan2 to match that entered in the other router, and it made no difference.

Then as a test I took a windows laptop and assigned the mac address to the laptop’s nic and connected to ISP. It got (IP C) the same as the peplink when it had that mac assigned.

Not sure how ISP is recognizing the non-peplink router as different when it has the same mac assigned to its wan. Anything else I can “clone” from it to mimic the other router to the ISP?

Well, I was not able to figure this one out.

Thinking it might be something about IP reservation, I did the final troubleshooting step of removing the mac override on the original router so its mac changed and it got a different IP from the ISP. I then powered it off with the different IP assigned to it so (IP A) was not assigned to original router. Then entered the mac in the mac address clone field of the peplink wan2, but it still got (IP C) which had first been assigned a day earlier. Removing it, (IP D). Adding the mac address clone and it gets (IP C) again.

Powered peplink down. Powered original router back up, entered mac override in it, and it gets (IP A) again.

The other router is just an open source linux box I setup not a proprietary isp solution, so I’m not sure how the ISP is seeing it as different than the peplink or windows nic when the same mac address is cloned to all three.

Since I can get the peplink and the windows nic to get the same dhcp ip from the ISP (IP C) when that mac is cloned to each of them, but neither will get (IP A), I don’t think this is a peplink issue.

I thought maybe the original router was doing something weird regarding the mac, but since I viewed the mac on the peplink lan side to check by connecting the original router wan to the peplink lan and viewing the peplink client list, and since peplink saw the mac address as what I’m cloning to the peplinks’ wan2 that’s not it.

I can’t think of anything else to try, but I’m curious how else the ISP may identify a router when assigning an IP other than the mac address if anyone has seen anything similar.

Aquablue, are you working with the Ethernet port, WiFi as WAN, or what?

Ethernet WAN port.