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Hi, I purchased newly a max br1 lte router. I wrote the ip and port numbers of our radius server but i couldnt get any response on captive portal page. I will use this router for commercial purpose so could you help me urgent please?

  1. Did You manage to ping (System > Ping) to Radius server from BR1?

  2. Is Radius server located at LAN or WAN side of BR1? Please add Radius server IP into Allowed Networks (Network > Captive Portal).

  3. Ensure inbound UDP 1812 and UDP 1813 (default ports) were opened on firewall of Radius server side.

Since this is urgent, have you get help from our local partner there? Please PM me the serial number of the Max device, I can help to bridge you to the local partner.

Thank you.

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Thank you for your fast reply. I manage to ping to radius server, no problem. I added radius server IP into Allowed Networks in captive portal. I am still getting nothing.


There are two things need to be confirm here:

  1. Did you able to get the captive portal login page ?

  2. The encounter issue is on user authentication fail issue ?

For further assistant, please open a support ticket here for the team to further investigate.

Thank You

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We are trying to use the captive portal with “User Authentication” mode for a MAX Router in combination with Volare (also called Cloud4Wi) for WiFi Monetization but it seems that there is something missing to get a successful communication between AP and external captive portal.

We get an “error” message from the Volare portal that might be caused because in Volare side there must be specified the Access Point Manufacturer:


On Volare side there must be configurated the AP manufacturer but Peplink does not appear on the list, so we are trying other “generic” manufacturers.

Is there any previous reference for both solutions (Peplink and Volare) working together?


It seems to me you are trying to set up Captive Portal with External Server, which currently we are supporting HotspotSystem and PurpleWiFi.

In the coming firmware 7.1.1 (which is in BETA now), we will be supporting CoovaChilli mode that allows the customization of the splash page, including customization of the attributes. If the external server supports CoovaChilli mode, then likely it should be working.