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still playing wit CP feature on incontrol… I found a problem with the landing page…

if user auths himself on CP via an OS applet (tested on android 6.0.1 and Windows 10 mobile) and not via browser, after a successful authentication he’s not redirected on the landing page… moreover, once authenticated, he’s able to open the browser and surf without even see (or being redirected for the first time) on the landing page…

using a client pc or other mobile devices with older OS (android 4.X) doesn’t show this issue, because authentication is done via browser.

Any hint?

With the captive portal sign-in behavior of the latest releases of Android, we found that it is technically impossible to display an arbitrary landing page after a successful sign-in. We are adding a message to the settings page to indicate the limitation.

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ok… this is a big issue, indeed…

we need to find some workarounds…

Thank you

Do you think it would be possible in the future to show the landing page after a successful sign-in on Android devices? For some applications of the captive portal its very important to show the landing page. Because at the landing page we compensate the limitations of design of the peplinks native captive portal.

Sorry, we hope so. However AFAIK, after a successful sign-in, there is no way to avoid the pop-up browser from hiding or to open a web page on the Chrome browser. If you have any input, we are open to hear.

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I have an idea…

we could show the landing page BEFORE going to splash page (i.e. before auth)…

in this way user will se what I want to show him, then go to auth form (if he decides to…)

my landing page must have a button to go to auth portal, but I’m quite sure that with a good documentation it’s a trivial task


Actually we had a plan to support displaying an image or video ad after signing in. You could upload an image or provide a YouTube video link. User has to watch the image for X seconds or completely watching the video before redirecting to the existing landing page. I know it is not exactly what you are requesting. But will it serve the same purpose?

Let me know your thought about the above suggestion first. The above implementation is relatively available. If you prefer your design, we will study how its feasibility is.

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thank you, but it won’t solve the issue on android… after successful login there’s no way to see anything if auth is done by the O.S. app…

showing a custom page BEFORE going to the auth will force the user to see it… user will go to auth page pressing a button or just waiting for a timer (set inside the AD page)

Let me clarify that after the successful sign in, the system will not yet grant Internet access to the client before viewing the ads completely. So the OS will close the pop-up browser only after the ad ends.

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sorry for the delay, been on vacation…

your solution seems interesting but I have to ask you if you already have something like that in testing/beta stage… I’m worried about the fact that with your approach I’ll not sure my ads will be seen by clients… and, let me say, I/we really need people connected to wifi see that page/our contents…

alternatively, I repeat myself, showing a custom ADS page before showing the login form will solve the issue

We are implementing the ad feature. It should be available in a few weeks. We will announce it here when it is ready.

Showing an ad page BEFORE the login page requires programming on your web site. It is because your site has to receive a bunch of parameters from our guest portal site and then your site has to redirect the client back to our guest portal site with all of those parameters. Such integration will introduce integration complexity and potential errors.

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Hi Michael,
Was looking for an ad / video feature and came across the article. can you please advise if the same has indeed been implemented and how can we use the same

Our usecase: We are using Social Login on our CP , H/w version : 2 ; build .7.0.0.

@saurabhKMT It has already been implemented, though the trial period for our partners is already over. You can check with your local sales rep for availability and pricing.

In terms of usage, you can implement our ads system from a gateway level on most of our Balance and MAX routers. With this enabled, surveys, videos, and campaign ads can be applied to any traffic that passes through the router.

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sorry for rewamping such an old topic but… can you give me some details?

is this feature something I must pay an extra fee?

thank you

Yes, our ads delivery system is now available as a subscription-based offering, based on models and a period of either 3months or 1year.

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ok, thank you

could you give me a link about it? I’ll send it to a work mate which is not on the forum


Hi @nenonano,

This should help:


Hi Team, is there a way to skip the “Success” page after signing in? Client would like for it to go straight to the set web page.


Same request here ?

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Thank you Sit Loong, i searched all over for this. This is perfect.

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