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I have a couple of Balance Ones at a couple hotels. They are set up for Captive portal. That works, but after a browser click on the agree, they are sent to a success page. The customer does not want the success page, they want a browser to go straight to their website (the landing page) after agree. Is there any way to bypass the success page (hopefully, it’s right in front of me and I’m just missing it.)

Guessing you are enabling the build in splash page captive portal feature for the Balance One. You can skip the “Success” page by Un-tick the “Show Quota Status” option.


Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, I have already un-ticked that and it is still showing up.

After the box is un-ticked it should go away. Can you please open a ticket with us here so we can review?

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Sounds good. Thanks. I intend to check it onsite myself as well

Not sure whether this is related for your issue. You need to apply changes after un-tick and save the settings at the main page.

Beside that, make sure you running on the latest firmware to avoid any previous reported issue. I just do a quick test with my device and it’s working fine without the “Success Page” :blush::blush::blush::blush:

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Funny you should mention that. One of them is working properly since I rebooted it but the other is not. I am not in town right now, but I have ticked it, saved it, appliied, then un-ticked it and then saved and applied (all firmware is current). I will check it when I am in town again.

Firmware is up to date.

Ticket Submitted


Support team will follow up with you using the ticket

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