Can I tether an Android phone to a Peplink router?


Yes you can.

You can share your Android smartphone’s Internet (cellular) connection with a Peplink Pepwave router using USB tethering (wired).

If you’re looking to tether wirelessly, then here’s a related article: Setting up simultaneous Wi-Fi as WAN and Wi-Fi AP

Android smartphone running version 4.1.x or above
A USB cable suitable for your Android smartphone

On your Android smartphone, head to Settings, then in the Wlreless & networks section > More, find Tethering & portable hotspot. Make sure your USB cable is connected from phone to router, then tap to activate USB tethering.

Watch 3Gstore demonstrate USB tethering:

Note: iPhone tethering is not supported at the moment due to lack of open APIs.


Will the USB port recharge the Android device at the same time?


Good question! And yes it does.