Bricked Balance 580 config deletion

Good day everyone.

I have a balance 580 and is inaccessible. When i try to power on the device it doesnt proceed to a proper bootup, but instead get stuck in the initializing phase. I called the vendor that supplied the balance, the device’s warranty is already expired but they offered to take a look at the device in hopes to fix it. I would like to get the device fixed but i want to delete/erase/reset it’s config first before sending. How can i achieve this with the current state of the device?

I would really appreciate any help from this forum.

Hi – and welcome to the forum. There is a small hole behind which is a momentary micro-switch. A paperclip (etc) inserted into that hole for 20-30 seconds should so it. You’ll see LED activity when the event occurs. The manuals for the current firmware can be found on this page: Even if you have older FW the procedure is the same.

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Thank you Rick for the reply.

I have looked behind the Balance 580 and i see no small hole where i can insert a Paperclip. Are you talking about the balance 580? the rear of my balance 580 looks exactly like this:

@Ganz_Montejo, what @Rick-DC mentioned is meant for those models without the LCD panel, eg. smaller Balance models, MAX models, etc.

As for your case, likely you need a hardware replacement. The configuration file is not accessible from the device if it is not able to be powered up.

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Ahhh. OK, thanks @WeiMing and @Ganz_Montejo for the correction. I forgot – and was looking a Balance 210 on my desk when I wrote that. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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do you have a console port? You may be able to connect a console and boot to fw slot 2.

It’s okay Rick-DC , thanks @WeiMing for confirming. i spent a good 10 minutes trying to find hidden holes around the device hahaha

@Jonathan_Pitts i can aqcuire a console cable. do you have any articles/forums/instructions that i can follow to boot to fw slot 2?

Thanks for the replies guys.

I think just press down arrow while it’s booting if you see the text.

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What should i see when i do that? i pressed the down key for 2 minutes and nothing happens. it just stay’s there.

When you have the console cable hooked up and connect a serial session to the router, you will press space or down arrow on the keyboard to see text.

Look at this article.

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Thanks for this Mr. @Jonathan_Pitts, i will try this later. i will give feedback once i have done the procedures.

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Good morning. We have failed on communicating to the device using the instructions mentioned in the link given by @Jonathan_Pitts after many attempts. Everything is in place. The driver of the COM is installed, the configuration of putty is in place. I also looked at the logs of putty after connection attempts, there is non.

If we were to send this to a vendor that has the ability to repair the device, is there a possibility that they can see the configuration? That’s my biggest concern right now.

Honestly I am starting to lose hope on this. If there are still things that i can do that wasn’t mentioned above, please do tell.

I have a unorthodox method to try and get it to boot.
Open the top cover with the unit unplugged.
Put a small screw driver , pin, screw in the fan slot so it doesn’t spin.
power unit on, ensure the fan does not spin.
Unit should throw a new error , beep twice , and then boot.
You can also try to do this from the back fan slot without opening it.
It needs to stop the fan spinning for this to work.


Note: this is not recommended to continue to use this device for production. You likely either have a corrupt compact flash, a IC chip that has a thermal event, or a bad fan/rpm sensor.


This sounds pretty sad (and I sympathize - we’ve had two 580s go bad on us, and they do cost a fair bundle). If you are ready for desperate measures (and in consultation with your possible repair facility) you may consider opening it up and simply remove the flash. Then ship the hulk to your service folks.

The stop-the-fan gambit sounds intriguing…

Good luck,


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Hi guys,
Maybe it could be helpful for someone else. I had the same problems as [Ganz_Montejo] and the photo he uploaded here (the device was completely unresponsive, stuck at the very beginning of the boot procedure). In my scenario (the device was out of warranty), I removed the top cover and pulled out the yellow jumper located near the front panel, just behind the console port, and between the console port and the flashcard. After removing this jumper, I restarted the device with the console port connected. The device showed me the Linux GRUB bootloader and after selecting an older version of the firmware image, the device fully booted up and allowed me to factory reset the configuration via the display menu.


Wow! Definitely going to try this! I will post the result here.

Thanks brother!

Another option mentioned on another link is to connect a usb keyboard to the usb port and press F1 when it fails to boot.

Try both and let us know your result.

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