BR1 Mini ACW-411

New to Pepwave products.

Have a customer that wants us to provide a ACW-411 in addition to a BR1 Mini. They want to connect triggers to the ACW-411 to sense when triggers go high or low. (0VDC to 12VDC)

In my limited knowledge, the ACW-411 is not capable of that. Its only an RS232 interface.

Can anyone fill me in and correct me if I am wrong?

It is just a rs232 interface so they would need something else with GPIO pins to sense the voltage triggers.

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Thank you, that is what I expected.

Does Peplink make a modem that accepts inputs that I described?


And then do what? What sort of triggers? To trigger what where?

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Hello @SSpitters,
Some of the Pepwave & Pepxim models have “Ignition Sense”, could you use that feature as a GPI (General Purpose Input)? You can find some of the fourms past discussion on this subject at Peplink | Pepwave - Forum or look on the main Peplink website.
The Pepxim Smart Readers have some additional GPI/O connections that may be of benefit to you, there is some information here on the forum at Introducing Pepxim, the TA App, and the Smart Reader!.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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my first thought is the SD-PMU PEPXIM | Software-Defined Power Management Unit

What do you want to do exactly?

Best wishes

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