Bonjour Printing from VLAN with Surf SOHO

Model: Pepwave Surf SOHO MK3
Firmware: 7.1.0s026 build 1291
PepVPN Version: 7.0.0

Our Bonjour printer has a static IP and a DHCP reservation on LAN C (192.168.…) I am able to login to the SSID of LAN C and print wirelessly. A computer using VLAN Y (10.2.…) cannot print from the printer on LAN C. Inter-VLAN routing is activated for LAN C and VLAN Y. The SSIDs of C and Y have Layer 2 Isolation disabled.

The router’s firewall is set to allow all connections for the purpose of resolving this issue. The computers’ firewalls are open to ping and other relevant connections. The printer doesn’t appear to have a firewall.

Is Bonjour forwarding necessary in this scenario? Is it possible using a Surf SOHO? I do not see an option for it under Network/Network Settings (as shown here and here).

A computer on Y can ping a computer on C, and vice versa. A computer on Y can ping the printer on C. A computer on Y can access and interact with the printer’s firmware through a browser, but it cannot print.

The router, printer, and computers are on different floors of our home, so WAN connections are not an option for this situation.

Thank you very much for your time and assistance!

The problem is resolved. I added the printer to the computer on VLAN Y by using the printer’s static IP address.