Blank admin pages after login in beta 8.0.1 3570

I am using beta 8.0.1 3570 on my Max OTG HW2. After I login via the admin popup, there is a blank white screen. I checked my browser’s View Source, and it indeed shows that there is nothing there.

I suspect that something is timing out. However, the Max OTG is still working fine, traffic goes through it with no problem, and it is ping’able. It is just that the admin page(s) are completely blank. And there is no menu system on the left-side either. I’ve checked this with Chrome and IE and they both do the same thing.

If I power-cycle the Max OTG, then everything is fine and back to normal. However, many hours later, it starts doing the same thing again.



  1. Please turn on Remote Assistance when you able to access the Web UI.

  2. When you notice the Web Admin shows a blank page, please open ticket and provide the serial number of the Max On the Go.

We will check what is happening there. Thanks.

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