BGP next-hop-self


we are doing some testing with a balance 580 and HD2 Max Mini’s. We are simulating a remote office that’s connected to our datacenter through a speedfusion tunnel. So we’ve configured a speedfusion tunnel between the devices and ran bgp over it. There’s iBGP between the local network and the peplink device and eBGP over the Speedfusion tunnel. Except for the route that I have to configure manually - because it’s not supported yet in firmware version 7.1.1 - most works fine.
So here’s what I’ve encountered now: the central side learns the routes from the remote office fine. The problem is that it learns the routes through the actual nexthop address (=the IP of the speedfusion tunnel), which is not known by the central network. So the central network forwards this traffic to its address, where it gets dropped because it’s an unknown network.
So my question is: is there some way that we can advertise the remote subnets to the central side with next-hop-self ip address? In other words, is it possible to advertise to the central side with next hop address being the ip of the interface of the balance that’s connected to the central side?


Please open ticket and enable the Remote Assistance for us to take a closer look.