Bandwidth Usage Nearly Doubled

I have several Pepwave Mini BR1’s around multiple campuses that are being used to connect remote Emergency Blue Phones. With no changes to the VoIP phones themselves or the the mini’s (except firmware updates) I have seen every unit go from using around 0.5-0.6 GB of data to over 1 GB in April and on pace to hit more than that in May. All units are using Cellular, with WIFI turned off connected back to a Fusion Hub on AWS through PEPVPN. Different carriers through out the campuses (ATT, VZN, TMobile) and all have this increase. Looking for any advice as to what may have caused this, as I said they are simple SIP phones that are using KB’s of data each day but my usage to FusionHub has increased 40%-50% the last two months.

Hi Matt - Welcome to the forum!
Did you upgrade the Fusionhub firmware recently? to 8.1.2?
When you look at usage reports in IC2 does it say what used the data?

If it turns out that this is IC2 traffic data consumption you could consider running the BR1s in low data mode for this type of application.

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Thank you for the fast reply.

I updated to 8.1.2 on Monday this week and am not seeing a difference in the usage on a daily level so far. I have now put one test unit on Low Data Usage Mode. I will have to see how we feel about losing the live status page.

Looking at usage my client used 53Mb last month while my PEPVPN connection used 1.1GB up from 0.53GB. This is fairly consistent with each device. I don’t see anything beyond that.

Any chance someone turned on WAN smoothing on your VPN profiles?