Bandwidth Reservation/Limit per WAN

Maybe this should go in a feature request area of the forum, but is it possible to set up bandwidth reservations and/or bandwidth limits on a per WAN basis? It may not be useful for everyone, but basically my “Guest” traffic is all going out WAN2 (priority outbound policy) and all of my “Staff” traffic is going out WAN1 (priority outbound policy). Since my traffic is split logically, having to share these settings is a bit less effective. My “Manager” traffic will sometimes span across both WANs, and ideally I could reserve half of the bandwidth on WAN1, but only 20% of WAN2 (since there are only specific activities that will utilize both WANs. So, basically reserving bandwidth for “Staff” on WAN2 is kind of pointless. Same is true for reserving bandwidth for “Guests” on WAN1.

This granularity may be useful for other scenarios as well.

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